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Hello darling!

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Welcome to
Serenity Ten

Hi I'm Geraldine,
call me GiGi

I am a recovering alcoholic

Wife to the P Man and Mum to my three
gorgeous grown up children

Local Women Columnist

Entrepreneur dedicated to helping other
women on their journey through life with
my venture:
The Monday Club.

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What is The Monday Club?

"I have learned how precious each
and every day we get to wake up is."

Our Speakers.


The benefits of yoga for the

mind and body.

Cancer diagnosis in my early twenties and growing up in a religious cult

Living with alopecia 

Mental health nurse specialing in ADHD.

Diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer at age 28

Hypnobirthing midwife

Female led trainer and nutritionist 

Women's health physiotherapists.


Nutritionist, empowering women to understand their bodies

Counsellor sharing her own experience of losing her teenage son.


Infertility and baby loss

Over 50 and Menopausal

Six year old son's

cancer diagnosis

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Holistic therapies and specialising in menopause

What is included in the Monday Club Membership:

  • A wide variety of exclusive content

  • Hand picked live speakers every week in our exclusive Facebook and Instagram community with recordings uploaded to your membership hub. 

  • Rooms to tackle every feeling, every emotion and every step of your journey.

  • Addiction and the warning signs of drinking too much.

  • Weekly meditation and breathwork sessions.

  • Information, advice on menopause and perimenopause.

  • Movement and nutrition.

  • Beginners yoga.

  • Fashion and body confidence.

  • Regular live zooms where you can chat with myself.

  • Group coaching.

  • Courses.

  • Brand new content available monthly.

All for £19 per month

We would love to see you in
the Monday Club

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